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  • Reversible opening of the blood-brain barrier by claudin-5-binding variants of Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin's claudin-binding domain.Neuhaus W,  Piontek A,  Protze J,  Eichner M, Mahringer A, Subileau EA, Lee IM, Schulzke JD, Krause G, Piontek J
    Biomaterials, Feb 2018


  • Suitability of skin integrity tests for dermal absorption studies in vitroGuth K, Schäfer-Korting M, Fabian E, Landsiedel R, van Ravenzwaay B
    Tox in Vitro, Feb 2015


  • Analysis of aquaporin 9 expression in human epidermis and cultured keratinocytesSugiyama Y, Yamazaki K, Kusaka-Kikushima A, Nakahigashi K, Hagiwara H, Miyachi Y
    Open Bio, Jun 2014
  • Comparison of xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme activities in ex vivo human skin and reconstructed human skin models from SkinEthicEilstein J, Léreaux G, Budimir N, Hussler G, Wilkinson S, Duché D
    Toxicokinetics and Metabolism, Mar 2014


  • Direct migration of follicular melanocyte stem cells to the epidermis after wounding or UVB irradiation is dependent on Mc1r signalingChou WC, Takeo M, Rabbani P, Hu H, Lee W, Chung YR, Carucci J, Overbeek P, Ito M
    Nat Med, Jul 2013


  • Synthesis of New N,N'-Bis(5-arylidene-4-oxo- 4,5-dihydrothiazolin-2-yl)piperazine Derivatives Under Microwave Irradiation and Preliminary Biological EvaluationCoulibaly WK, Paquin L, Bénié A, Bekro YA, Durieux E, Meijer L, Le Guével R, Corlu A, Bazureau JP
    Scientia Pharmaceutica, Sep 2012
  • Cleavage of Nidogen-1 by Cathepsin S Impairs Its Binding to Basement Membrane PartnersSage J, Leblanc-Noblesse E, Nizard C, Sasaki T, Schnebert S, Perrier E, Kurfurst R, Brömme D, Lalmanach G, Lecaille F
    Plos One, Aug 2012
  • Effect of Direction (Epidermis-To-Dermis and Dermis-To-Epidermis) on the Permeation of Several chemical Compounds through full-thickness Skin and Stripped SkinOshizaka T, Todo H, Sugibayashi K
    Pharm Res, May 2012
  • A possible regulation mechanism of water content in human stratum corneum via intercellular lipid matrixNakazama H, Ohta N, Hatta I
    Chem. & Physics, Feb 2012


  • Human scalp permeability to the chemical warfare agent VXRolland P, Bolzinger MA, Cruz C, Briançon S, Josse D
    Tox in Vitro, Dec 2011
  • Comparison of several reconstructed cultured human skin models by microscopic observation: their usefulness as an alternative membrane for skin in drug permeation experimentsKano S, Tanuma N, Yatsu T, Li W, Koike K & Inouye Y
    AATEX, Nov 2011
  • The presence of N?-(Carboxymethyl) lysine in the human epidermisKawabata K, Yoshikawa H, Saruwatari K, Akazawa Y, Inoue T, Kuze T, Sayo T, Uchida N, Sugiyama Y
    BBA, Oct 2011
  • Marine Natural Meroterpenes: Synthesis and Antiproliferative ActivitySimon-Levert A, Menniti C, Soulère L, Genevière AM, Barthomeuf C, Banaigs B, Witczak A
    Marine Drug, Feb 2011


  • In Vivo Identification of Solar Radiation-Responsive Gene Network: Role of the p38 Stress-Dependent Kinase Mouchet N, Adamski H, Bouvet R, Corre S, Courbebaisse Y, Watier E, Mosser J, Chesné C, Galibert MD
    Plos One, May 2010

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