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      3rd best poster award for us !

      Agnès Jamin, our project manager, presented her poster “Improved animal component-free skin medium for long term maintenance of human skin explants and assessment of dermal toxicity... More...

      SEPT 27TH 2019 - We are launching Wepredic ! A group that gathers key players in in vitro technologies.

      Christophe Chesné, Ph.D, CEO of Biopredic International, is also the founder of Eurosafe, Starlight and Biopredic Advancells. With their long-standing expertise in in vitro technologies for... More...

      New logo and new brand identity for Biopredic !

      Biopredic has a new logo and a new visual identity! The logo of the famous #biotech has not changed since its creation in 1993, we just did it! Our new logo captures the essence of our business... More...
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      Biopredic joined Saferworldbydesign approach.

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      • Interspecies differences in the cytochrome P450 activity of hepatocytes exposed to PLGA and silica nanoparticles: an in vitro and in vivo investigation.Cornu R, Rougier N, Pellequer Y, Lamprecht A,Hamon P,Li R,Beduneau A,Martin H
        Nanoscale, Mar 2018
      • Reversible opening of the blood-brain barrier by claudin-5-binding variants of Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin's claudin-binding domain.Neuhaus W, Piontek A, Protze J, Eichner M,Mahringer A,Subileau EA,Lee IM,Schulzke JD,Krause G,Piontek J
        Biomaterials, Feb 2018
      • Direct and quantitative evaluation of the major human CYP contribution (fmCYP) to drug clearance using the in vitro Silensomes? model.Parmentier Y, Pothier C, Hewitt N, Vincent L, Caradec F, Liu J, Lin F, Trancart MM, Guillet F, Bouaita B, Chesne C, Walther B
        Xenobiotica, Jan 2018
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